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Forest Research scientists have starring roles in a major new Forestry Commission DVD on climate change

News from Forest Research: July 2009

Filming in the forest

Forest Research scientists James Morison and Daegan Inward from the Centre for Forestry and Climate Change had starring roles in a major new Forestry Commission DVD on climate change, filmed partly at Alice Holt Research Forest.

Alice Holt Research Forest is a managed mixed broadleaved woodland where Forest Research and a number of its research partners have a variety of ongoing experiments. These range from work evaluating the establishment of woodlands using direct seeding (in contrast to woodland establishment through planting or natural regeneration), monitoring the response of tree roots to disturbance, and long-term environmental and ecosystem monitoring.

The DVD will be an accessible introduction to the Forestry Commission’s climate change messages. Forest Research’s contribution was to highlight its work investigating the important role woodlands play in carbon management and the impact of climate change on pests and diseases. The DVD will be used at a wide range of Forestry Commission events, such as the Festival of the Tree at Westonbirt Arboretum, forest concerts (everything from Katherine Jenkins and the Sugababes to Jools Holland), and by schools participating in the Forest Education Initiative.

For further information on the DVD and how to obtain a copy, please contact Sarah Wilkinson, Climate Change Interpretation Officer.


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