Forest Health Day - Central Scotland

1 October 2009

What was the event?

A single day seminar where Forest Research pathologists and entomologists updated the sector on the latest information about pests and diseases. The format of the day was a session indoors in the morning followed by an outdoor session in the afternoon.

The morning session included:

  • An overview of current threats and those that may be just over the horizon
  • The basics of what to look for as indicators of when things may be going wrong as a result of pests or disease
  • How to monitor these
  • How to report them and to whom
  • Any specific concerns raised.

The afternoon site visits targeted specific issues. 

Event flier (PDF-94K)


Who was the event suitable for?

Forestry/woodland managers and agents, forestry/woodland owners, those working in forestry/woodlands.

Where did the event take place?

Mansfield Estates
Scone Palace


For further information and booking please contact:

Jane Campbell
Forestry Commission
Perth and Argyle Conservancy

Tel: 01738 450782