Evaluating the impact of trees, woodland and forests on quality of life

Do trees reduce stress and improve health?


As part of Forestry Commission England’s Methuselah initiative to develop a framework for monitoring the impacts of greenspace, Forest Research spent three years evaluating the social benefits of three flagship Forestry Commission sites using nine quality of life indicators.

Key findings and outputs

  • Development of an evaluation framework and benchmark methodology to describe the contribution woodland has on quality of life
  • Baseline data for subsequent quality of life evaluations
  • Evidence that the use of woodland, the engagement of users and the quality of a visitor’s experience all contribute to quality of life
  • Evidence to evaluate Forestry Commission England’s performance against targets published in its Corporate Plan (2008-2011)

Diagram showing data gathering approach used for Methusula-based quality of life evaluation for Forestry Commission England 


Funding and partners

Commissioned and funded by Forestry Commission England.


Ended: 2011


For more information contact:

Kieron Doick
Jake Morris