Gail Atkinson, BSc, MSc, CEnv, EngD

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Forest Research
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Gail returned to Forest Research in 2015. She originally studied for a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Science at Plymouth University followed by an MSc in Environmental Management. Gail worked on the implementation of the Habitats Directive and Public Service Agreements for protected sites for the Environment Agency, before joining the Forestry Commission in 2005. Since then she has worked in several roles including Project & Development Manager in West Midlands Forest District where she successfully developed and managed a Landscape Partnership Scheme; Research Scientist (2009-2013) focused on brownfield regeneration to greenspace end use (below) where she delivered practitioner planning tool and practice note. In Forest Services, she worked as a Business Improvement Analyst, focused on a number of projects to protect and improve England's woodland resource (2013-2015).

Gail was awarded an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) from University of Surrey in 2013 for her research on the improvement of greenspace creation on brownfield land. The research was undertaken in collaboration with the Land Regeneration and Urban Greenspace Team at Forest Research.

Current role

Project Leader: Climate Change Adaptation Research

Working within the Centre for Sustainable Forestry & Climate Change, Gail is conducting research to examine alternative adaptation strategies to respond to the risks and opportunities from the future climate.  This involves the development of climate change adaptation demonstration areas, guidance, case studies and collaboration to support adaptive practice across the forestry sector.

Current projects

Delivering Resilient Forests: Demonstrating Adaptation
Project Leader/Research Scientist

The project will establish case studies to demonstrate adaptation measures, to support the delivery of more resilient forests. The research will engage with the forestry sector to develop the tools and information they need to adapt and improve resilience; develop adaptation strategies and adaptive management practices.

Research areas

  • Adaptive forest management for future climate
  • Developing climate change adaptation demonstrations in England
  • Developing forestry sector adaptation tools
  • Practical woodland management practice to improve adaptation to future climate
  • Knowledge exchange

Affiliations and responsibilities

  • Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management
  • Member of the European Commission EIP-AGRI Focus Group ‘New forest practices and tools for adaptation and mitigation of climate change’ 

Main recent publications and knowledge exchange activities

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