Timber, Mutton or Fuel - Debating the economics of land use and forestry

Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) National Conference 2009

22 and 23 April 2009

What was the event?

The conference explored where the future of forests and woodlands lie given the growing economic pressures on our land brought about by climate change.

Topics addressed include:

  • The global context for land use change and how different drivers are influencing decision making
  • The big issues that forest managers will have to face from within the forest such as diseases and pests, the impact of flooding and its mitigation, and the need to maximize timber production with environmental considerations
  • How foresters will need to adapt and the actions that they will have to take if forestry is to provide for our future needs in a more self-sufficient and sustainable UK
  • How the character of UK forests could change over the next 50 years with competing demand for land.

The conference ended with an open debate on the motion: “This house believes that the principal role of UK forests in a resource-poor 21st Century must be to produce much needed timber and energy”.

At the conference Dr Anna Brown of Forest Research presented:

"Diseases and pests - new threats facing forest managers in a changing climate"

Conference details

Who was the event suitable for?

Everyone involved in the UK land-based industries including forestry, energy, agriculture and sustainable rural development.

Where did the event take place?

Barcelo Cardiff Angel Hotel


For further information please telephone 0131 240 1425 or email icf@charteredforesters.org