Reaction wood formation at stand, tree and cellular level

16th to 17th March 2009

What was the event?

Many works in integrative biology concern tropisms in plants. Within this large topic, woody plants bring the originality of long term movements based on reaction wood formation and function. A great challenge is to connect these physiological approaches to ecological and forest management. The aim of this event was to discuss:

  • What are the natural variations of reaction wood structures, properties and dynamics at different scales?
  • What are their ecological significance according to plant strategies of growth, and environmental adaptation?
  • How human practices as breeding or silviculture influence the natural processes?
  • How can the integration of knowledge at different scales – from the cell wall to the species or community level – contribute to answer those questions?

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Who was the event suitable for?

Scientists with interests ranging from cell wall biochemistry to forest yield and growth.

Where did the event take place?

INRA Research Centre
Near Nancy


For further information please contact or see the conference website for correspondance addresses.