Zero carbon buildings: opportunities for rural living?

31st March 2009

What was the event?

This workshop offered the opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore new opportunities for rural areas to work towards the challenging Government targets of achieving zero carbon development.

In particular, the workshop focused on: 

  • How to foster sustainable innovation in products and rural business development towards low/zero carbon buildings
  • The opportunities and challenges for the rural housing economy in the South East in a sustain-able living scenario
  • Ways for the creative industries to engage in the sustainability agenda.

Workshop flier (PDF-228K)

Who was the event suitable for?

Representatives from the construction industry, practitioners, rural stakeholders, academics and decision-makers.

Where did the event take place?

UCA Rochester Campus
Fort Pitt


For further information please contact:

Alison Melvin
RRSP Co-ordinator
Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH

Tel: 01420 22255