Vegetative propagation and deployment of varieties (a.k.a. clonal forestry) - the scope for Europe

The definitive workshop on the state of play of clonal forestry currently being practised around the world and investigating the possibilities for Europe

21 to 23 April 2009

What was the event?

The objective was to inform participants of the genetic gains, the economics and the societal issues to be considered when embarking on a clonal forestry programme.

These issues were illustrated by world class presenters who are already involved in clonal forestry or at an advanced stage of considering this option.

The event included a visit to the Forest Commission nursery in nearby Delamere where 6 million rooted cuttings are currently being produced as part of a family forestry programme.

Summary of the meeting

(By organiser, Steve Lee).
Over 50 people from around 20 different countries world-wide, but mainly Europe attended this meeting on the possibility of clonal forestry in a European context.  The meeting attracted a high caliber of presenters dealing with clonal forestry of a range of species from across the globe.

The meeting concentrated on presentations from people who were already practicing clonal forestry. People from New Zealand, Canada and Portugal (with experience from Brazil) told the group how they make clonal forestry work in their country. The meeting also investigated the economics of clonal forestry and considered how breeders need to engage with other stakeholders - inside and outside of forestry - if it is going to be successful and accepted by society.

Full report on meeting (PDF-767K)
Includes summary, programme, list of attendees, objectives and spirit of the workshop and lessons learned.

Abstracts and presentations 

Topic and speaker Downloads
Clonal forestry in Norway – Tried it once. Could it work now?
Øystein Johnsen
Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute
Clonal forestry of chestnut in Northern Spain
Josefa Fernández-López
CINAM, Spain
Clonal forestry of Eucalyptus – in Europe and South America
Gabriel Dehon Rezende
RIAZ, Portugal
Clonal forestry of radiata pine. Lessons for Europe
Michael J. Carson
Forest Genetics, New Zealand
Clonal replication to assist breeding
Bo Karlsson
Skogforsk, Sweden
Deployment of clonal varieties: wild cherry as a model of precious broadleaves
Luc Paques
INRA, France
Economics of clonal forestry
David B. South
Auburn University, USA
Gibberellin in vitro research for vegetative propagation of aspen
Jonas Žiauka
Lithuanian Forest Research Institute
If Vegetative propagation and/or clonal forestry is so great ... why are we not using more of it in Europe?
David Thompson
Irish Forestry Board
In vitro establishment of juvenile and adult black alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.) clones for resistance studies
Gisela Naujoks
Institute of Forest Genetics, Germany
Industrial implementation of multi-varietal forestry for Spruces in New Brunswick, Canada
Yill-Sung Park
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Integrating research and nursery practices for mass cutting propagation and somatic embryogenesis in Québec seedling production
Denise Tousignant
Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Québec
Is it natural? Clonal forestry in public/private spaces
Mariella Marzano
Forest Research, UK
Outcomes of the Nordic meeting “Vegetative propagation of conifers for enhancing landscaping and tree breeding"
Tuija Aronen
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Selection, vegetative propagation, clonal field trials and deployment of varieties of valuable broadleaved species
Andreas Meier-Dinkel
Northwest German Forest Research Institute
Wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) micropropagation for plantation establishment
Szczygiel K.
Forest Research Institute, Poland
With such good Sitka spruce family forestry in the UK ... Clonal forestry? Why bother?
Steve Lee
Forest Research, UK

Who was the event suitable for?

  • All participating countries within TreeBreedEx
  • All interested nursery people across Europe
  • All interested forest managers, policy makers and students of tree breeding from across Europe and beyond.

Where did the event take place?

The Liner Hotel
Lord Nelson Street
L3 5QB



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