Alien invasive species and international trade - meeting summary

2nd meeting of IUFRO Unit 7.03.12

26th to 30th May 2008

National Conservation Training Center venue in Shepherdstown Lecture Hall in National Conservation Training Center venue in Shepherdstown Field trip to the Catoctin Mountains


The second meeting of the IUFRO Unit on Alien Invasive Species and International Trade was held at the US Fish & Wildlife National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown, West Virginia from May 26-30, 2008. Around 70 delegates for 19 countries enjoyed the excellent facilities of the NCTC as well as the good weather and excellent field visit to the Baltimore area, including visits to Port Baltimore and the Catoctin Mountain Park. The meeting was organised by Kerry Britton, ably aided by colleagues from USDA Forest Service and the delegates would like to thank Kerry and her team for making the meeting so effective and enjoyable.

The programme, abstracts and the majority of presentations given at the meeting are available for download as PDF files from this website.

Programme (PDF-325K)

Abstracts (PDF-322K)

Welcome session

Following welcome remarks from Ann Bartuska (Deputy Chief for Research & Development, USDA Forest Service) a brief overview of the goals of Unit 7.03.12 was given by Hugh Evans (Unit Chair).

Goals of IUFRO Unit 7.03.12 (PDF-141K)


Delegates then enjoyed a varied programme based on the following themes:

A strong set of poster presentations added to the oral presentations and allowed more in-depth discussions on the topics covered at the meeting.

The range of organisms dealt with within these sessions was impressive and included insects, pathogens, plants and aquatic organisms, reflecting the breadth of interest within the Unit.

Final discussion

The final discussion session on the theme "What research is needed to improve systems to prevent introductions?" was led by Kerry Britton:

Discussion summary (PDF-13K)

Business meeting

Hugh Evans led the Business Meeting which included discussions on a number of potential actions for the Unit.

The most urgent of these was the need to develop a list of organisms that should be evaluated for new wood packaging treatments to provide a balance between effort for testing and capacity to be representative of the wide range of organisms likely to be associated with the pathway. Hugh Evans will lead a small group to develop a position paper for presentation to the International Forestry Quarantine Research Group (IFQRG) in September 2008.

The date and venue of the next meeting was also discussed and Kurt Gottschalk passed on an invitation and made a presentation on a meeting site in Kyrgyzstan. It was agreed that this would be pursued with likely dates being either spring or autumn of 2010.

Notes from the business meeting (PDF-18K)

Invitation to Kyrgyzstan (PDF-2079K)