Forest-wood chain: EFORWOOD goes forward

Series of meetings in Vienna that examined the sustainability of the forest–wood chain across Europe

News from Forest Research: July 2008

EFORWOOD Vienna conference participantsVienna is perhaps best known for its cakes and walzes, but in May it was the venue for a series of meetings that examined the sustainability of the forest–wood chain (FWC) across Europe. The meetings marked the halfway point of the EU-funded four-year EFORWOOD project and were attended by 74 scientists from 17 different countries, including Stefania Pizzirani, David Edwards and Bruce Nicoll from Forest Research.

Data gathered by the Framework 6 project EFORWOOD will be shared amongst all the partner countries and will contribute to the Forestry Commission’s aim to develop, analyse and maintain a sustainable, carbon-sensitive forest-wood chain within the UK. As our contribution, Forest Research is supplying the figures and statistics relating to forest management, harvesting and transport within the UK.

Data on a total of 27 indicators (including production cost, employment, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon stock) is already being collected by the project. As always for large modelling projects, data quality and availability are significant challenges. However, presentations at the Vienna meeting demonstrated considerable progress with three regional case studies, consideration of future climate scenarios that may affect the FWC, and cost-benefit analysis comparing contrasting forestry chains.

The project is now focusing on the development of a decision support tool named “ToSIA” (Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment). The second prototype of this dynamic model has been released and is being tested by partners.

Overall, the conference was very useful, specifically agreeing milestones for the next two years. It also provided participants with  opportunities to network, share results and resources, and develop new ideas and refining modelling techniques.

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