Silvilaser 2008: Pre-conference workshop

Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) in Forestry: operational applications, current research and future developments

17th September

About the workshop

The workshop was a semi-hands-on event, which aimed to bring together scientists, developers, contractors and forest managers. We demonstrated the opportunities brought by this innovative technology to operational forestry and future research activities. During this event several systems and work experiences were shown, participants were able to get useful feedback to help improve products, business opportunities or for targeting new research.

The workshop informed about the current state-of-the-art in TLS systems and data processing techniques in order to meet a range of information needs. This aimed to encourage new and stronger linkages between forest scientists, practitioners, researchers, system developers and end-users of derived products.

Three commercial companies conducted demonstrations in our forest plots to show how systems operate and how data can be analysed with their software solutions.

Specific topics of interest were:

  • Basic information about TLS
  • Accuracy of point cloud data and commercially available systems
  • Analysis of point clouds and retrieval of relevant forest parameters
  • The use of Treemetrics Software as one of the first commercial applications for forest inventory and planning
  • Importance of registration process for the integration of these data with other datasets (i.e. Airborne LiDAR, Aerial Photography, etc)
  • Pros and cons between Pulse and Phase Lasers
  • Practical considerations when using TLS
  • State of the art in research and future directions.

Programme (PDF-303K)

Where was the workshop held?

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
EH25 9SY