Seed storage and pretreatment for Nothofagus nervosa (syn. N. procera)

Common name Beech (Southern Rauli) or Southern Beech (Rauli)
Scientific name Nothofagus nervosa (syn. N. procera)
Storage characteristics Orthodox
Storage moisture content and temperature 8-10% @ < 4°C
Dormancy characteristics Shallow
Pretreatment method 8 (6-12) weeks cold (c. 4°C)
See pretreatment of shallowly dormant species
Efficacy of pretreatment / remarks Generally effective, a significant proportion of live seeds should germinate
Approximate date to initiate artificial pre-treatment (for 1 March sowing) 4 January


Storage characteristics

Orthodox - seeds that can be dried without harm, and once dried can be frozen, stored for years with little deterioration and relatively easily revived.

Pre-treatment method

Figures in brackets indicate that different seedlots often require different pretreatment durations. There are three potential courses of action:

  • Adhere to the pretreatment duration in bold, with the knowledge that the maximum potential germination of the seedlot may be sacrificed for the sake of simplicity.
  • Inspect the pretreating seed regularly. Sow when c. 10% of seed is chitted, with the hope that this is indicative that the remaining seeds are now close to germination.
  • Inspect the pretreating seed regularly. At suitable intervals, remove chitted seeds (by hand, flotation, and/or sieving). Sow chitted seeds and return balance to pretreatment until no more seeds germinate.

Practice Guide

CoverRaising Trees and Shrubs from Seed (PDF-648K)

Forestry Commission Practice Guide 18.