14th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management

10th to 14th June 2008

What was the event?

The theme for the symposium was People and Place: Linking Culture and Nature.

Primary sub-themes were:

  • The human dimensions of environment and natural resource issues
  • The broad array of social science disciplines and related fields of study
  • The interdisciplinary, cooperative, and collaborative character of research and management

Liz O'Brien of Forest Research:

  • Organised the session on: 'Environmental volunteering, stewardship and civic participation: challenges to understanding processes, benefits and barriers'
  • Gave a presentation on: 'Environmental volunteering and its contribution to physical, social and mental well-being'

Complete information about this symposium is available on the symposium website

Who was the event suitable for?

Social scientists who focus on environmental and natural resources issues.

Where did the event take place?



For more information about ISSRM 2008, email ISSRM2008@uvm.edu or see the contact details on the symposium website.