Towards understanding wood, fibre, and paper - deeper knowledge through modern analytical tools

Final seminar of COST Action E41 (Analytical tools with applications for wood and pulping chemistry) and Workshop of Action E50 (Cell wall macromolecules and reaction wood)

19th to 21st May 2008

What was the event?

The seminar included invited internationally recognised key-note lecturers, presentations from COST Actions E41 and E50, a poster session with short presentations, and contacts with industrial representatives.

The first day was a workshop of Action E50 where the topic was “Biosynthesis of Cellulose and Lignin”.

The topics of the second and third days dealt with modern analytical tools for wood, pulping, and paper chemistry, and also included an MC meeting for COST E41.

The third day included a panel discussion about the future needs of biomass analytical methods from a biorefinery and papermaking point of view.

Seminar flier (PDF-572K)

Draft programme (PDF-330K)

Who was the event suitable for?

Academic and industrial experts on modern analytical tools for wood, fibre and paper.

Where did the event take place?

Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre

Contact and further information

Local organising committee:

  • Stefan Willför, Process Chemistry Centre
  • Agneta Hermansson, Seminar Secretary

Fax: +358-2-215 4868