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Forestry and Climate Change - contents list

Front coverBook that explores how forests will interact with the physical and natural world, and with human society as the climate changes. Also considered is how the world's forests can be managed to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to maximize the full range of economic and non-market benefits.

Edited by Peter Freer-Smith, Mark Broadmeadow and Jim Lynch of Forest Research.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Contributors
  • Foreword – the Global Forestry Challenge
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Climate Change, Forestry and the Science–Policy Interface
    • 3. Present and Future Carbon Sources and Sinks
      M. Heimann
    • 4. Global Forest Sector: Trends, Threats and Opportunities
      R. Seppälä
    • 5. Carbon Sequestration as a Forestry Opportunity in a Changing Climate
      J. Burley, J. Ebeling and P.M. Costa
    • 6. Forests and Climate Change: Global Understandings and Possible Responses
      S. Dresner, P. Ekins, K. McGeevor and J. Tomei
    • 7. The Forest Science–Policy Interface
      L.G. Meira Filho
  • III. Forestry Options for Contributing to Climate Change Mitigation
    • 8. Causes of Gaps Between Perceived Potentials and Actual Implementation of Forest-sector Mitigation Activities
      S. Brown and W.A. Kurz
    • 9. Forests Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere: Spruce Forest Tales!
      P.G. Jarvis and S. Linder
    • 10. Afforestation, Reforestation and Reduced Deforestation to Sequester Carbon and Reduce Emissions
      B. Schlamadinger and T. Johns
    • 11. Energy and Fuelwood
      R.E.H. Sims
    • 12. Carbon in Wood Products and Product Substitution
      R.W. Matthews, K. Robertson, G. Marland and E. Marland
    • 13. Towards a High Resolution Forest Carbon Balance for Europe Based on Inventory Data
      G-J. Nabuurs, D.C. Van der Werf, A.H. Heidema and I.J.J. van den Wyngaert
    • 14. Forestry in Europe Under Changing Climate and Land Use
      J. Eggers, M. Lindner, S. Zudin, S. Zaehle, J. Liski and G-J. Nabuurs
  • IV. Impacts of Climate Change on Forests: Options for Adaptation
    • 15. Soils and Waste Management: a Challenge to Climate Change
      J.S. Schepers and J.M. Lynch
    • 16. Impacts of Climate Change on Forest Soil Carbon: Principles, Factors, Models, Uncertainties
      M. Reichstein
    • 17. Direct Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Forest Tree Productivity
      D.F. Karnosky, M.Tallis, J. Darbah and G. Taylor
    • 18. Impacts of Climate Change on Temperate Forests and Interaction with Management
      D. Loustau, J. Ogée, E. Dufrêne, M. Déqué, J.-L. Dupouey, V. Badeau, N. Viovy, P. Ciais, M.-L. Desprez-Loustau, A. Roques, I. Chuine and F. Mouillot
    • 19. Forest Responses to Global Change in North America: Interacting Forces Define a Research Agenda
      A.M. Solomon and P.H. Freer-Smith
  • V. National and International Frameworks: Current and Future Policy
    • 20. National Forest Monitoring Systems: Purposes, Options and Status
      P. Holmgren and L-G. Marklund
    • 21. Conservation of Biodiversity in Boreal Forests: the Russian Experience
      V. Teplyakov
    • 22. International Forest Policy and Options for Climate Change Forest Policy in Developing Countries
      S. Jauregui
    • 23. Addressing Deforestation and Forest Degradation Through International Policy
      G. Badiozamani
  • VI. Implications for Future Forestry and Related Environmental and Development Policy
    • 24. Risks and Uncertainties
      W. Harper and R.S. Swift
    • 25. Governance and Climate Change
      M.G. Sangster and M. Dudley
    • 26. Response of the Forestry Sector
      M.S.J. Broadmeadow and J-M. Carnus
    • 27. Commercial and Project-based Responses and Associated Research Initiatives in the Forest Sector
      P.J. Hanson and W.A. Kurz
    • 28. Forests and Climate Change: Conclusions and the Way Forward
      T.J.D. Rollinson
  • Index