Viewing attached files

Formats of attached files

Attachments (i.e. files other than web pages) on this website are usually provided as PDFs with occasionally:

  • Animated files in Flash format
  • Maps, graphs, charts and photographs that are too large to fit on the page, usually because the page could not then be printed correctly.

The size of the file that will downloaded is given.

Viewing attached files

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Macromedia Flash Player installed on your PC then you may obtain copies from the browser and multimedia player downloads page.

If you are having problems viewing any of our PDFs then please refer to viewing PDFs.

Viewing Microsoft® format files

Occassionally attachments may be provided in other formats, for example:

  • Microsoft® Powerpoint® presentations or
  • Excel® spreadsheets.

In these cases, if you do not have the appropriate application available on your PC please contact Forest Research and we may be able to supply you with the attachment in another format.