Fourth International Symposium On Dynamics Of Physiological Processes In Roots Of Woody Plants

16th to 20th September 2007

What was the event?

Major objectives of the symposium were:

  • Presentation of the latest advances in physiology and ecology of root systems of woody plants
  • Better assessment of the impacts of environmental disturbance on root physiological processes and the effects on whole plant function
  • Addressing the integrative nature of root system research through research collaboration between anatomists, ecologists, mycorrhizal researchers, tree physiologists, tree molecular biologists and rhizosphere microbiologists
  • Identification of priorities for future research in belowground woody plant biology.

Symposium website and full details

Elena Vanguelova from Forest Research:

  • Was in the International Scientific Committee and the Organising Committee of the event.
  • Is actively participating in Cost E38 as a leader of Working Group 1 “Fine roots as indicators of environmental change”.
  • Presented at the Symposium.

Who was the event suitable for?

All scientists/managers/police makers interested in forest:

  • Nutrient uptake and utilization
  • Assimilate allocation and partitioning in roots
  • Root development and turnover
  • Water acquisition.

Where did the event take place?

University of Wales, Bangor


For further information either email:

or contact a member of the organising committee with a specific enquiry.