Tummel Level II plot - Soil analysis

Soil profile
Depth Horizon Detail
3cm LF L 2.5cm; F O.5cm.
0 to 30cm Ah1 Very dark greyish brown (10YR 3/2) sandy loam; many sub angular rock fragments 10-30 cm diameter in and extending below the horizon boundary; fresh to slightly weathered soft (dry); friable (moist); slightly sticky; non plastic; limited faunal activity; many fibrous and semi fibrous roots accounting for approximately 90 % of total root mass; distinct wavy boundary.
30 to 36cm Ah2 Dark yellowish brown (10YR 4/6) sandy loam; many sub angular rock fragments; iron rich; massive structure, not sticky, non plastic; weak; no faunal activity; very few roots; very indistinct diffiuse boundary.
36 to 59cm E Light grey (7.5YR 7/1) sandy loam; common sub angular rock fragments; localised interfingering of Ah2; somewhat compacted; platy structure; hard; stones (< 10cm diameter) are surrounded by humose material; very few roots (only 1 observed); distinct wavy boundary.
59 to 100+cm Bs Strong brown (7.5YR 4/6) sandy loam; very hard indurated material; iron rich; no roots, no macrofauna observed.

Soil chemistry and particle size distribution (%) data are also available for various horizons (sample date: 19/12/95). Contact Sue Benham.