Loch Awe Level II plot - Soil analysis

Soil profile
Depth Horizon Detail
2 cm LF Occasional oak leaves, L to F ratio of 3 : 1
1.5 cm H Very dark brown (10YR 2/2) humose material with few bleached sand grains; many fibrous and semi fibrous roots. 70% of the total roots within the profile are in the 0 and H horizons; limited faunal activity; diffuse wavy boundary.
0 to 8 cm Ah Dark brown (10YR 3/3) humose loam; few coarse fragments; well developed ped Ah structure; few roots; no biological activity.
9 to 36 cm E(g) Brown (10YR 5/3) with very few brownish yellow (10YR 6/8) mottles; common fine, medium and course gravel with few stones; loam; well developed ped structure; very few roots.
37 to 67 cm B(s) Yellowish red (5YR 5/6), silty loam; common gravel with band of large sub-angular to rounded large stones and boulders at horizon base; friable consistency; indurated; very few roots.
67 to 80 cm BCg Yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) with few strong brown (7.5YR 5/6) mottles; clay loam; abundant rounded and sub-angular stones; no roots; this horizon is almost permanently waterlogged and lies directly over bedrock.
80 cm+ RC Dominant large boulders.

Soil chemistry and particle size distribution (%) data are also available for various horizons (sample date: 21/02/96). Contact Sue Benham.