Scottish Squirrel Forum

Meeting of Scotland’s Field Practitioners of Red Squirrel Conservation Action

21st and 22nd April 2007

What was the event?

A one-day meeting to update on the progress of the Scottish Squirrel Survey and to discuss practical issues of red squirrel conservation in Scotland, with an option for a morning’s field visits to Dundee Red Squirrel Project’s active project sites.

Conference programme and information

Brenda Mayle of Forest Research led the workshop session: ‘Grey Squirrel Control’

Who was the event suitable for?

Countryside agencies,major and minor independent forest holders, local authorities, countryside rangers, squirrel surveyors, anyone who controls grey squirrels and individual squirrel enthusiasts.

Where did the event take place?

Swallow Hotel Dundee,
Wolf & Lane Suite,
Kingsway West,
Dundee, DD2 5JT

On Sunday 22nd April 2007 there was an optional morning field excursion to Dundee Red Squirrel Project sites at Templeton, Dronley and Backmuir Woods.


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