Publications on birds, mammals and invertebrates

Controlling Grey Squirrel Damage to Woodlands (Practice Note 4)Controlling grey squirrel damage to woodlands (PDF-1779K)

By Brenda Mayle, Mark Ferryman and Harry Pepper.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 4.

Publication coverEstimating deer abundance in woodlands: The combination plot technique

By Graeme Swanson, Helen Armstrong, Douglas Campbell.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 128.

Forests and wood ants in Scotland (PDF-2101K)

By Jonathan Hughes and Alice Broome.

Forestry Commission Information Note 90.

Habitat use by red and grey Squirrels: Results of two recent studies and implications for management (PDF-546K)

By Jenny Bryce, S Cartmel and Chris Quine.

Forestry Commission Information Note 76.

How many deer? A guide to estimating deer population size

By Brenda Mayle, Andrew Peace and Robin Gill.

Forestry Commission Field Book 18.

The impact of deer on woodland biodiversity (PDF-127K)

By Robin Gill.

Forestry Commission Information Note 36.

Publication coverManaging deer in the countryside (PDF-7884K)

By Brenda Mayle.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 6.

Practical techniques for surveying and monitoring squirrels (Practice Note 11)Practical techniques for surveying and monitoring squirrels (PDF-3830K)

Forestry Commission Practice Note 11.

Roe deer biology and management

By Brenda Mayle.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 105.

A survey of cattle-grazed woodlands in britain (PDF-667K)

By Helen M. Armstrong, Liz Poulsom, Tom Connolly and Andrew Peace (2003).