Publications on tree improvement

Publications about exploring genetic variation and breeding better trees

Advances in biotechnology: Powerful tools for tree breeding and genetic conservation (PDF-83K)

By Steve Lee, Joan Cottrell and Allan John.

Forestry Commission Information Note 59.

An indication of the likely volume gains from improved Sitka spruce planting stock (PDF-100K)

By Steve Lee.

Forestry Commission Information Note 55.

Front coverChoice of Sitka spruce seed origins for use in British forests

Foresty Commission Bulletin 127.

Fertilization regime to produce different size classes of cell-grown birch (PDF-727K)

Research Information Note 247 (1994). Out of print.

Front coverForest reproductive material (PDF-1761K)

Regulations controlling seed, cuttings and planting stock for forestry in Great Britain

The quality of Sitka spruce at the time of planting (PDF-897K)

Research Information Note 243 (1994). Out of print.

The role of forest genetic resources in helping British forests respond to climate change (PDF-960K)

An overview of the issues surrounding the use of genetic resources in British forestry and presents possible strategies to help forests and woodlands adapt to the effects of climate change through the use of such resources.

By Jason Hubert and Joan Cottrell.

Forestry Commission Information Note 86.

Cover of bulletinSelecting Douglas fir seed sources for use in Britain

By: A. Fletcher and S. Samuel.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 129.

Order Bulletin 129.

Sitka spruce genetic gain trials (PDF-762K)

Research Information Note 245 (1994). Out of print.