Publications on the public participation in forestry

Front coverCommunity forest governance (PDF-989K)

A review of existing literature and research evidence on the range of existing community engagement, governance and ownership arrangements for managing forests in England and beyond (namely Scotland, Wales, Europe and North America).

By Anna Lawrence and Star Molteno.

Front coverConsultation and community involvement in forest planning (PDF-1090K)

Research in Cranbourne Chase and North Dorset.

By Paul Tabbush.

For a hardcopy  of "Consultation and Community Involvement in Forest Planning" (price £6) contact Joanne Davies.

Front coverEnvironmental volunteering: Motivations, barriers and benefits (PDF-2046K)

Report to the Scottish Forestry Trust and Forestry Commission.

By Liz O’Brien (Forest Research) and Mardie Townsend and Matthew Ebden (Deakin University, Australia).

Environmental volunteering - Summary report (PDF-570K)

Front coverEquality and inclusion of social diversity with respect to woods and forests in the UK: An evidence review (PDF-710K)

Research report summarising the available evidence of the impact of trees, woods and forests on different sections of British society.

By Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverForestry Commission working with civil society (PDF-1410K)

Report detailing Forestry Commission England engagement and partnership working with third sector and civil society organisations. This is being used to prepare an action plan for the joint agency Third Sector statement (Compact) as well as inform government reviews of departmental engagement with civil society. August 2010.

By: Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Jenny Wallace, Anna Lawrence, and Amy Stewart.

Front coverThe future of the Public Forest Estate in England (PDF-301K)

Analysis of responses to the suspended Public Consultation January-February 2011.

By Anna Lawrence and Matthew Jollands.

Handbook on treatment of coal ash disposal sites (PDF-1630K)

Guidelines for the management of established wet-disposed coal ash landfills.

Produced by the RECOAL project - using social approaches in coal ash remediation. This examined the reintegration of coal ash disposal sites and mitigation of pollution in the West Balkan Area.

Front coverHuman dimensions of adaptive forest management and climate change (PDF-1050K)

A review of the literature about the concept and application of adaptive management, in forests and other environments. It aims to understand the social and institutional requirements of adaptive forest management, and identify areas that require further study in order to better understand its relevance for forest management in Great Britain.

By Anna Lawrence and Sarah Gillett.

Forestry Commission Research Report 16.

Front coverInternational comparisons of forest policy (PDF-1050K)

A review of forest policy and instruments in five countries (namely Sweden, Ohio/USA, New Zealand, Denmark and North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)

By Anna Lawrence and Mike Dudley.

Front coverInvolving people in forestry

A toolbox for public involvement in forest and woodland planning

This aims to assist forest and woodland managers when planning for public involvement, and when considering which tools they could use to include people in forest or woodland planning.

Comprises an introductory booklet, a toolsheets contents page and 50 individual toolsheets. These components are available to download as PDF files.

Front coverLandowners’ attitudes to woodland creation and management in the UK: A review of evidence in the UK (PDF-2639K)

What does existing evidence tell us about landowners’ values, attitudes and knowledge in relation to decisions about woodland management and creation?.

By Anna Lawrence, Norman Dandy and Julie Urquhart.

Summary report (PDF-443K)

Front coverOffenders and nature - Helping people, helping nature (PDF-1228K)

Summary Report on 'Offenders and Nature' Schemes. These involve those serving a sentence in custody or in the community working as volunteers on nature conservation and woodland sites.

By Claudia Carter, with contributions from Judith Hanna (Natural England).

Front coverOffenders and nature - Policy into practice (PDF-302K)

Employment for ex-offenders: an innovative approach

By Claudia Carter.

Front coverPrinciples of public engagement (PDF-290K)

Research report that synthesises the different principles involved in planning public engagement around forestry and woodland decision making or service delivery, characterises successful processes and outlines core values.

By Paul Tabbush and Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverPublic engagement and forestry: key lessons for working in urban areas (PDF-1317K)

Research report providing information about three case studies in England (Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire), Wales (Craig Y Dinas, South Wales), and Scotland (Bishop’s Estate, Glasgow) that show how a variety of public engagement processes were implemented and what the outcomes of including people were in different urban contexts.

By Paul Tabbush and Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverSocial diversity in the forestry profession (PDF-1616K)

Research report into employing a social marketing approach to investigating and planning interventions designed to change the behaviour of people looking for work. Specifically, the application behaviour of Black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates in future Forestry Commission recruitments, to see increasing numbers of applications from them.

By Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverSocial science in forestry — Public participation and partnership (PDF-472K)

A review of Forestry Commission practice and governance in a changing political and economic context.

By Sue Weldon in collaboration with Paul Tabbush.

Front coverVolunteering and Forestry Commission Wales: Scope, opportunities, and barriers (PDF-1162k)

Report providing scoping evidence and information needed to understand current volunteering activity and opportunities and barriers to using volunteers as a consequence of the legal and any other pertinent issues as it applies in Wales. April 2011.

By: Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverVolunteering in and for Scotland’s forests (PDF-809k)

Report investigating the current opportunities for volunteering, where and how these operate and any barriers to developing volunteering or offering further opportunities. April 2011.

By: Liz O’Brien and Mariella Marzano.

Publication coverWoods and forests in British society: progress in research and practice (PDF-2066K)

By Bianca Ambrose-Oji and Karen Fancett (Eds.).

Papers presented at the Trees and Forests in British society conference in April 2010.

Forest Research Monograph: 3
ISBN 978-0-85538-828-7