Publications on applying social science to forestry

Learning from monitoring and evaluation – a blueprint for an adaptive organisation (PDF-126K)

Report setting out principles for learning from social forestry monitoring and evaluation within the Forestry Commission and its partners.

By Jake Morris and Anna Lawrence.

Front cover'Proving it!' Evidence gathering for forest managers (PDF-1189K)

This introduction to social science in forestry looks at how research knowledge can contribute to decision making. This introduces key approaches and practical aspects of gathering and using research information, and then considers how management problems can be framed as research questions and explore ways of collecting and analysing information to inform practical management.

By Suzanne Martin and Liz O'Brien.

Forestry Commission Information Note 64.

Front coverSocial forestry (PDF-1689K)

Questions and Issues

This publication contains the presentations given by Forest Enterprise, Forest Research and Forestry Commission speakers and the contributions made by all delegates in workshop discussion groups which focused on quality of life issues, stakeholders and their importance and social sustainability.

Front coverSocial media and forestry: A scoping report (PDF-930K)

Scoping report to help inform thinking about the value of social media to the Forestry Commission, how it can be more effectively utilised and what objectives and policy goals it can be used to help achieve and so provide a basis for identifying specific future research needs to support the Forestry Commission’s ongoing implementation of, and engagement with social media.

By Amy Stewart, Bianca Ambrose-Oji and Jake Morris.

Front coverSocial research and the Forestry Commission: Perceptions and applications (PDF-243K)

Report from study that addressed how the knowledge and understanding of social research affects policy, planning, practice and outcomes within the Forestry Commission.

By Mariella Marzano, Anna Lawrence and Bianca Ambrose-Oji.

Front coverSocial science in forestry (PDF-814K)

An introductory paper to the concept of ‘Social Forestry’.

By Paul Tabbush, Liz O'Brien, Max Hislop and Suzanne Martin.

Front coverTrees and forests in British society (PDF-1742K)

Ten years of social science

How Forest Research social and economic scientists have explored what Britain’s trees and woodlands mean to people, how they are used and how they can contribute to the social and cultural life of the country.

Further details about Trees and forests in British society publication.

Front coverTrees are company (PDF-2557K)

Social Science Research into Woodlands and the Natural Environment

This publication provides the presentation papers, workshop discussions, questions and answers and plenary discussion from the conference.

Edited by Liz O'Brien & Jenny Claridge.

Front coverUptake of decision support systems in the forestry sector in Great Britain (PDF-655K)

Understanding the factors affecting the uptake of Decision Support Systems in the GB forestry sector and how these can be addressed to enhance and improve uptake.

Scoping Report, September 2010.

By Amy Stewart,Anna Lawrence and David Edwards.

Front coverUnderstanding private landmanager decision-making: A framework for forestry (PDF-1120K)

This report synthesises substantial research relating to private land-management, including previous work by Forest Research. Drawing on both primary and secondary sources, it describes a Framework within which to understand the influences upon land-manager decision-making.

By Norman Dandy.