Publications on the historic environment (archaeology)

Forests and archaeology guidelines

It is Forestry Commission policy that sites of archaeological importance should be conserved. The Forestry Commission achieves this policy by specifying the environmental standards necessary to qualify for establishment and management grants under the Woodland Grant Scheme. These guidelines set out the Forestry Commission's requirements for archaeological conservation in the creation of new forests and in the management of existing woodlands.

The influence of soils and species on tree root depth (PDF-1140K)

By Peter Crow.

Forestry Commission Information Note 78.

Publication coverManaging the historic environment in woodland - The vital role of research (PDF-1180K)

The historic environment is an important part of our heritage and contributes significantly to our understanding of the human past. This publication provides a review of the managment of the historic environment in woodlands, highlights important issues and reports on current and planned research.

By Peter Crow.

Article in Forest Research Annual Report 2002/3.

Publication coverSurveys of woodland using LiDAR (PDF-1631K)

Developments in remote sensing technology to reveal the historic environment by ‘seeing through’ the woodland canopy and its application in mapping, with direct relevance to forest management.

By Peter Crow.