Publications on environmental monitoring

Annual report on the environmental change network (ECN) 2003-2004 (PDF-115K)

By Sue Benham.

Publication coverThe environmental change network at Alice Holt research forest (PDF-517K)

By Sue Benham.

Forestry Commission Research Note 1.

Environmental monitoring in British forests (PDF-485K)

Employing long-term intensive monitoring plots in order to gain a better understanding of air pollution and other environmental factors which affect UK forests.

By Dave Durrant.

Forestry Commission Information Note 37.

Publication coverTen years of intensive environmental monitoring in British forests (PDF-1295K)

By E. Vanguelova, N. Barsoum, S. Benham, M. Broadmeadow, A. Moffat, T. Nisbet and R. Pitman.

Foresty Commission Information Note 88.