Grizedale Level II plot - Soil analysis

Soil profile
Depth Horizon Detail
2 cm L Oak leaves, twigs and dead roots
4 cm F Dark reddish brown (5 YR 2.5/2) comminuted L; almost smooth boundary.
2 cm H Black (5 YR 2.5/1) humus; almost smooth boundary.
0 to 6 cm Ah Very dark greyish brown (10 YR 3/2) clay loam; common coarse gravel, angular and Ah fresh fine granular structure, weakly developed; common fine and very fine woody roots; abrupt smooth boundary.
6 to 55 cm Bs Strong brown (7.5 YR 4/6) clay loam; many angular and fresh stones, almost smooth; up to boulder size lying in layers with their long axis in parallel with the ground surface; medium subangular blocky structure, weakly developed; few fine woody roots; non calcareous, no coats, no mottles, no nodules
55 to 60 cm BC Dark yellowish brown (10 YR 4/6) sandy loam; many large boulders; no roots.
60 cm+ C Bedrock.

Soil chemistry and particle size distribution (%) data are also available for various horizons (sample date: 15/06/95). Contact Sue Benham.