Current research at Alice Holt Research Forest

Ongoing research by Forest Research includes:

  • Forest carbon dynamics
  • Intensive forest monitoring
  • Tree health.

Climate change mitigation

Carbon flux station within the Straits enclosure at Alice HoltThe combination of conventional tree measurement plots, remote sensing data, state-of-the-art facilities such as the ‘Straits flux station’ and model development are improving understanding of the carbon balance of forests and helping to predict how carbon exchange will alter in the future.

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Intensive forest monitoring

Litterfall and throughfall collectors in a forest monitoring plotObservations from the national and international monitoring networks represented in Alice Holt Forest are improving our understanding of how woodland ecosystems respond to environmental drivers such as air pollution and climate change.

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Tree health

Bleeding in crown of horse chestnutResearch into environmentally acceptable measures of preventing and controlling damage to Britain's trees from pests and diseases. Current research areas include Dothistroma (red band) needle blight, impact of pests and pathogens under changing management, impact of Phytophthora diseases on trees including sudden oak death.

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