ICF North Scotland Regional Group, Autumn Indoor Meeting – Research Update

16th November 2006 (p.m. only)

What was the event?

Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) Members’ autumn meeting, updating on some aspects of Forest Research work.

Forest Research speakers:

  • Stuart Heritage, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change:
    Use of Nematodes to reduce damage caused by Hylobius Abietis
  • Mike Perks, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change:
    Overview of Forest Research response to questions raised by climate change
  • Steven Hendry, Centre for Human and Ecological Sciences:
    Red Band Needle Blight

Who was the event suitable for?

By invitation of ICF North Scotland Region only.

Where did the event take place?

Glachbeg Croft Education Centre
Allanglach Wood
North Kessock


For more information email: grahamjhamilton@lineone.net