Northern Research Station Seminar Series 2006/7

What was the event?

A series of seminars covering a variety of forestry and related research topics.

Seminars in the 2006/7 series

Date Seminar title Presenter(s)
13 October 2006 Scottish Upland Forests: History Lessons for the Future Mike Smith (Forest Research) & Kate Holl (Scottish Natural Heritage)
10 November 2006 Fire Risk Management in Forestry Dr. G Matthew Davies (University of Edinburgh)
24 November 2006 ForestETP and ForestGrowth - where are we now? Dr. T Randle & P Henshall (Forest Research)
1 December 2006 Lock-in between wind and crop canopies Dr. Emmanuel de Langre (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France)
8 December 2006 Can we afford to let the public visit prime habitat for recreation? Spatial and temporal impacts of human activity on habitat use by brown bears Dr. Owen Nevin (University Central Lancashire)
19 January 2007 Interdisciplinary research on collaborative deer management D.r Liz O'Brian & Dr. Norman Dandy (Forest Research)
2 February 2007 Markers for resistance of Sitka spruce to Heterobasidion annosum Dr. Steve Woodward (University of Aberdeen)
23 February 2007 Environmental art: from objects in the forest to habitat network visualisation Dr. Patricia Macdonald (University of Edinburgh)
2 March 2007 Wood quality - understanding the extent and sources of variation in timber mechanical properties Dr John Moore (Napier University)
29 June 2007 The myth of the dynamic forest floor Prof Ruth Yanai (State University of New York)
5 July 2007 Multi-varietal forestry using conifer somatic embryogenesis and molecular markers Dr Yill-Sung Park (Canadian Forest Service)

Who were the seminars suitable for?

Scientists, practioners, policy makers and representatives from industry.

Where did the seminars take place?

The Library
Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY


For more details please contact:

Mike Perks
Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

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