Anna Manukyants

BSc (Economics), MSc (Ecology), PG Dip (Research Methodologies), PhD (School of the Environment, University of Brighton, UK)

Anna worked on her research degree project with the School of the Environment at the University of Brighton examining the social values of forests and ways of incorporating them into forest decision making processes. The project was carried out in collaboration with Forest Research, during which a postal survey of local residents around Friston Forest and Abbots Wood in East Sussex was conducted. Anna was awarded a PhD degree for her work in this area in June 2005.

Current role

Anna is a social science researcher, currently working with the University of Brighton on a project implementing voluntary access agreements with riparian landowners. The project is funded by the Environment Agency and is carried out in four pilot areas. She is involved in the implementation of the project on the River Mersey in Manchester and River Wear in Durham.

Other research

Identifying the social value of forests through choice experiments:

Research areas

  • Social values
  • Land management decision-making processes
  • Public access
  • Governance.