Pests and diseases of amenity trees

A workshop to raise awareness of pests and diseases affecting amenity trees

20th September 2006

What was the event?

Our much-loved amenity trees are looked after extremely well in most cases. However, many will at some point suffer from problems caused by pests and diseases, or other environmental stresses. As a professional you need to be able to spot such problems early on.

Forest Research’s pest and disease experts, Nigel Straw and David Rose discussed some of the latest issues facing British trees including:

The aim was to improve identification skills, and where appropriate review management options.

Event flyer and booking form (PDF-918K)

Who was the event suitable for?

Everyone concerned with planting and caring for amenity trees. It was particularly relevant to Tree Officers, Arboricultural Practitioners, Surveyors/Consulting Arborists and all those responsible for ensuring trees thrive in their environment.

Where did the event take place?

The Great Oak Hall
Westonbirt - the National Arboretum


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