‘Wind and Trees’ International Conference

5th to 9th August 2007

What was the event?

This conference aimed to discuss new developments, approaches and methodologies in the fields of wind and tree interaction, damage prediction and damage mitigation. On the final day of the conference there was a session with a special focus on the current status and future development of windthrow risk prediction tools.

Full details on the conference can befound on the conference website.

Dr Chris Quine and Prof Barry Gardiner of Forest Research were on the Scientific Committee organising this conference.

Who was the event suitable for?

Researchers including foresters, ecologists, engineers, physiologists, aerodynamicists, and physicists. Also any interested professionals.

Where did the event take place?

The University of British Columbia in Vancouver BC, including a one-day excursion to the University of BC, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.


Technical/scientific enquiries to:

Dr Steve Mitchell
University of British Columbia, Department of Forest Sciences
3041-2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1ZA

Email: stephen.mitchell@ubc.ca