• About IUFRO Working Party 7.03.12

About IUFRO Working Party 7.03.12

This Working Party on Alien Invasive Species and International Trade has been established to focus specifically on global forestry issues related to the unwanted international movement of alien invasive species, including fungi, insects, nematodes, and plants.

The increasing emphasis on pathways for movement of alien invasive species, especially those associated with packaging wood and nursery stock will provide a broad focus for the work of the Working Party.

This emphasis provides an opportunity to integrate across a range of invasive organisms so that links to other IUFRO Working Parties dealing with insects, pathogens and invasive plants will be a priority.

Close relations with other IUFRO working parties are welcomed as well as the International Forestry Quarantine Research Group (IFQRG) affiliated with the Food and Agriculture Organization, International Plant Protection Convention.

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