Woodland Birds: their ecology & management

British Ornithologists’ Union – Annual Spring Conference

1st to 3rd April 2006

What was the event?

This meeting aimed to investigate the changes to our woodland areas including (among other topics):

  • Trends in forest bird populations and possible causes
  • Changing forest conditions
  • A review of current woodland management systems
  • Relationships between birds and forest management
  • The potential impacts of climate change
  • The long term changes in other woodland taxa
  • The relationship between farmland and woodland species
  • Predation
  • The impacts of invasive and introduced species

Conference programme.

At this conference Forest Research gave the following presentions:

  • Chris Quine (co-organiser): "The impacts of stand level management on habitat structure and birds"
  • Bill Mason: "Changes in the management of British forests and future trends"
  • Robin Gill: "Large herbivores and birds"

Who was the event suitable for?

Forest managers, forest planners, ornithologists, ecological researchers

Where did the event take place?

The University of Leicester.


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