Predicted gains from Sitka spruce seed orchards

The applied breeding programme of Sitka spruce passed over to the Conifer Breeding Cooperative (CBC) in 2013. Prior to the formation of the CBC a complete re-analysis of all the original plus trees was carried out by an independent body using all the available progeny data collected to date including half-sibling and full-sibling field trials. This resulted in new Breeding Values for the economic traits under selection; diameter, wood density and stem straightness. These data in turn have resulted in a re-estimation of the predicted genetic gains in the various Sitka spruce seed orchards in Britain.

The new predicted genetic gain figures for Sitka spruce seed orchards owned by Full-Members of the CBC can be seen by following this link:

For all other orchards please contact the relevant owner. Details of seed orchard location and ownership are available in 'The National Register of Basic Material' which can be viewed in the Forest Reproductive Materials section of the Forestry Commission website:

See also Predicted gains from Sitka spruce parents of families (family mixtures) .


For more information on seed orchards please contact Steve Lee