Publications on woodfuel

Publication coverGuidance on site selection for brash removal (PDF-1078K)

By Tom Nisbet.

Considers site selection for brash removal in upland conifer forests, with a focus on Sitka spruce stands.

Publication coverShort rotation forestry: review of growth and environmental impacts (PDF-3255K)

By Helen McKay (Ed.)

This review updates the Hardcastle review (2006) of the environmental impacts of growing fastgrowing broadleaved species as short rotation forestry in Britain and where possible strengthens it using primary unpublished data.

Forest Research Monograph: 2
ISBN 978-0-85538-827-0

Publication coverStump harvesting: interim guidance on site selection and good practice (PDF-905K)

Guidance to assist the forest industry in identifying sites where stumps may be harvested without compromising long-term sustainability, and on any environmental safeguards that must be applied.

CoverWoodfuel information pack

Brings together key basic information about the many aspects of using woodfuel. This includes background on the benefits, renewable energy targets and policy, sources, conversion, end users and systems.

CoverWoodfuel meets the challenge (PDF-1499K)

This leaflet gives information about woodfuel including its benefits, modern woodfuel technology and products and compares costs with other energy source such as gas, oil and electricity (8 pages).

Woodfuel - social and economic dimensions

Series of reports and presentations from research project to understand the challenges of using trees, woods and forests in an effective woodfuel sector, how and why private woodlands owners produce woodfuel, what forms of partnerships are appropriate and the role of local communities.

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