Critical levels of ozone: further applying and developing the flux-based concept

Ozone workshop

Nov 15th to 19th 2005

What was the event?

Critical levels for ground-level ozone have been developed through a series of convention workshops from 1988 through to 2002. A first step towards the flux concept was made in 2002 workshop. This approach aims at linking the internal dose (i.e. the amount of ozone taken up foliage) with the plant responses.

The objective of the workshop was to agree an update to the ozone critical load assessment methodology to further develop the risk assessment methodologies of the UNECE Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution.

This workshop consisted of plenary sessions with keynote speakers, poster sessions, working groups and one (half-day) excursion to timberline and alpine environment.

For full details see the event website.

Mark Broadmeadow of Forest Research:

  • Was a member of the Scientific Advisory Group - Steering Committee and rapporteur for the Forest trees workshop sessions
  • Was co-author of the following paper presented at the workshop:
    "Risk assessments for forest trees - the performance of the ozone flux versus the AOT concepts"

Who was the event suitable for?

Scientists, and a limited number of policy makers. 

Where did the event take place?

Details and directions


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