Ewan Mackie, BSc, MSc

Research Scientist

Ewan Mackie

Email: ewan.mackie@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (0)300 067 5600
Tel direct: +44 (0)300 067 5679
Fax: +44 (0)1420 23653

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Ewan studied Forestry at Aberdeen University between 1994 – 2001, completing a first degree and MSc by research. He then worked for the Forestry Contracting Association (FCA), initially as a research assistant whilst completing his MSc and then as a researcher dealing mainly with timber transport and woodfuel issues. He joined Forest Research in 2002.

Current role

Research Scientist

Researcher on the Measurement Systems research programme.

Also the principal point of contact for representatives of the forest industry, researchers and members of the public raising queries relating to forest, tree and timber measurement, methodologies and the practice of forest mensuration.

Current programmes

Measurement systems

  • Developing experiments to evaluate innovative forest and tree measurement systems and technologies
  • Devising novel, cost-effective methodologies for evaluation of forest resources
  • Modernising current measurement publications, conventions and standards for timber measurement in the UK and ensuring standards in the UK are compatible with those in Europe (CEN)
  • Co-developing measurement systems for woodfuel and carbon estimation in trees and forests.

Affiliations and achievements

  • Member of Forestry Commission (FC) Production inventory group.

Research areas

  • Development of new measurement procedures, systems and methodologies
  • Reviewing new and emerging technologies for measurement of trees and forests
  • Integrating new measurement technologies with current systems.

Main recent publications

Jenkins, T.A.R., Mackie, E.D., Matthews, R.W., Miller, G., Randle, T.J. and White, M.E. (2011). FC Woodland Carbon Code: Carbon Assessment Protocol. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh.

Mackie, E. and Matthews, R. (2008). Timber measurement. (Formerly FC Booklet 49). Forestry Commission.

Matthews, R., Mackie, E. and Hamilton G.J. (2006). Forest Mensuration: A handbook for practitioners. (Formerly FC Booklet 39). Forestry Commission.

Matthews, R., and Mackie, E. (2004). Mensuration: Growth and Yield. In Burley, J. Evans, J. and Youngquist, J. A. (eds.). Encyclopaedia of Forest Sciences, Elsevier Ltd., Oxford. 2, 573-580.