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Forest Research's EU and international projects

Since the 1992 Rio World Summit, the importance of sustainable forest management has been increasing worldwide, as witnessed by the United Nations' celebration of 2011 as 'International Year of Forests', in recognition of global actions for the sustainable management of the world’s forests.

Our international collaborations reflect the wide range of scientific research and technical development being undertaken to support these needs. 

In Europe

Our portfolio of European projects reflects our wide-ranging interests in forestry, forests, woodlands, trees and their environs:

Our EU projects extend the value and impact of UK government research funding and contribute to the delivery of the EU Forest Action Plan, adopted in June 2006, and the 6th European Environmental Technologies Action Programme (ETAP), which runs until 2012.  ‘Horizon 2020’, Europe’s new strategic research framework that will be adopted after 2013, plans to take a strategic approach to research and to increase the impact of research, by making Europe better at turning knowledge into innovation. 

Our individual scientists also provide advice to EU partners on a consultancy fee basis.  UK expertise in the water storage of wind thrown timber proved very useful to European forest managers after devastating storms hit France and Germany. 

Beyond Europe

Our specialist researchers are well connected with their counterparts across the globe.  Through participation in international exchange projects such as TRANZFOR and by involving international researchers in European research projects, close understanding and networks are developed that result in long lived collaboration and mutual scientific assistance, for example to the US Department of Agriculture on Sudden Oak Death.

We also supports the Forestry Commission’s bilateral agreements with overseas state forestry groups and through collaboration developed by Defra and DfiD.  For example, we have ongoing collaboration with both Indian and Chinese State Forestry Services. 

An international development of particular note is the formation of the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR), to promote the concept of forest landscape restoration and reinforce a network of diverse examples of restoration of forests and degraded lands around the world.  As part of FPFLR’s initiatives, our counterparts from the Indian Forest Research Institute and the Indian Forest Service visited us in 2011 to see examples of UK forest restoration:

Front coverUK - India Forest Landscape Restoration (PDF-2338K)
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