Black Poplar Conservation Group Conference

25th November 2005

What was the event?

The conference aimed to review progress in black poplar conservation and look at recent threats and management methods. Contributions included:

  • The threat to black poplar posed by poplar scab, Venturia populina – presented by David Rose, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change
  • A review of the conservation projects for black poplar with particular reference to Wales – presented by David Thorpe
  • Safe pollarding practices – presented by David Lonsdale

Introductory letter and programme (PDF-110K)

David Rose of Forest Research gave a presentation on:

"Poplar Scab"

Who was the event suitable for?

Anyone interested in the conservation and management of native black poplar.

Where did the event take place?

Aylesbury Civic Centre

Who to contact

Matthew Dodds
Green Spaces Team (Biodiversity)
Aylesbury Vale District Council
Haydon Mill
Rabans Lane
Bucks HP19 8RU

Tel: 01296 427972