Physico-chemical ecology of organisms

24th to 28th September 2005

What was the event?

Organismal biologists, ecologists, physicists and engineers have relatively few opportunities to meet and discuss their experiments, models and approaches. While such meetings are common among scientists working at the cellular and molecular level, as well as within the ever growing field of bio-engineering, ecology is not catching up.

The main aim of this conference was to set a venue in which these different communities can meet and exchange their views on the physical interactions of organisms with their environments.

The second aim of this conference was to help the field emerging as a proper discipline in France and internationally.

Eric Casella of Forest Research is the co-author of:

"Canopy structure and light interception properties of trees: in search of the missing parameters"

which was presented by Hervé Sinoquet of INRA, France.

Abstract (PDF-55K)

Who was the event suitable for?

Organismal biologists, ecologists, physicists, engineers and environmental scientists.

Where did the event take place?

Roscoff (Bretagne)