• Exeter Field Station news

Exeter Field Station news

September 2006

It's been a busy summer in and around Exeter Field Station. We have been working on the followining projects:

Increasing accuracy of Peninsula Forest District database using aerial photography to edit sub compartment boundaries.
Undertaking heathland restoration work at Haldon for Peninsula Forest District.
Phytophthora log inoculation experiments on infected sites in Cornwall.
Intensive phytophthora survey across whole of Devon.
Red Band Needle Blight survey of Peninsula Forest District woodlands.
Pine Wood Nematode survey.
Bio-soil plot layout and surveys.

November 2005

Helping improve native woodland cover -

Field Station staff are undertaking surveys which will aid Peninsula Forest District to transform and improve the woodlands in the Blackdowns. The information gathered will help determine which conifers are to be removed and replaced with native broadleaf species.

Phytophthora survey work - July 2005

The next stage of this work is underway and locations originally visited by Technical Services Unit (TSU) Exeter between January and March 2004 are being re-surveyed.

Rhododendron survey in Cornwall - July 2005

Preparations are being made for a second intensive woodland survey looking at rhododendron across Cornwall to try and measure progress (if any) of Phytopthora ramoram and kernoviae. Our latest equipment allows immediate on-site testing of any suspect materials for the two Phytophthora.

Staff news - June 2005

Following three years of study Alan Ockenden has completed his HND Forestry course.

Long-term investigation into Phytopthora ramoram and Kernoviae - June 2005

Field Station staff have been collecting logs on behalf of the Centre for Forestry and Climate Change for this long-term investigation. Each year lengths of wood from various species must be carefully cut to avoid damage, covered with a tar to prevent drying, and transported for inoculation with Phytophthora.

Marker aided selection trial of Sitka spruce - April 2005

Marker aided selection trial of Sitka spruceApril has been a busy month seeing the completion of the initial stages of this trial – the southernmost of three trial sites near Great Torrington.

Discovery of Phytophthora ramoram in sycamore - March 2005

TSU Exeter discovered what has turned out to be the first ever case of Phytophthora ramoram in a sycamore on a site with confirmed cases on rhododendron.