Achieving effective Rhododendron control

Common Rhododrendon (R. Ponticum)24th – 26th May 2005

What was the event?

A workshop on R. ponticum management and control.

More than 60 delegates from Scotland, England, Wales, Eire and Turkey met to discuss their experiences in the control and management of R. ponticum. The workshop included:

  • A range of presentations
  • Site visits to see examples of case studies of successful control and visit experiments and trials.

Where did the event take place?

Craflwyn Centre near Beddgelert, North Wales.

Specific objectives of the workshop

  • Collate experience to determine best practice in a range of environments and sited to a range of management objectives
  • Develop a Rhododendron control network to facilitate exchange between practitioners and researchers
  • Develop an action plan to raise awareness, develop research programmes and foster investment in Rhododendron control.

Issues discussed

Several discussion sessions ran in parallel covering topics of best practice, prioritising research, identifying the main problems, strategic survey and planning control operations. Key issues discussed included:

  • To identifying and describe control techniques and practices which have worked and to understand why they are apparently less effective on some sites.
  • Whether differences in site might effect the efficiency and outcome of control methods.
  • To determine the constraints on landscape level control programmes and to suggest ways of tackling them.
  • To examine the level of support afforded by current EU agricultural policy and intervention mechanisms for Rhododendron control measures, particularly from the perspective of small woodland owners and farmers.