Assessing impact of beavers

A tree felled by a beaver in Wigierski National Park, Poland Photo: Richard Ferris

In 2003 Scottish Natural Heritage commissioned Forest Research to test methods of monitoring the impact of beavers on woodland vegetation in the re-introduction site in Knapdale, Scotland. The methods provide an assessment of damage by beavers as well as by deer that may browse the re-growth of trees that beavers have felled.


The report describes a field test of a method as well as suggesting improvements to the methods and approaches to undertaking full-scale monitoring.

Armstrong, H. M., Poulsom, L., Simson, P., Wilson, J and Tracy D. (2003). Testing methods for monitoring beaver impacts on terrestrial vegetation in Knapdale. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report. 50 pp. Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby.

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