AFFORNORD conference on ecosystems, landscape and rural development

18th to 22nd June 2005

What was the event?

This interdisciplinary conference focused on:

  • Biodiversity
    The effects of afforestation with exotic vs indigenous tree species on biodiversity and ecosystem services, f.ex. soil biota, birdlife, flora, arthropods etc.
  • Landscape
    Perception of different local groups of landscape characters.
  • Rural Development
    Local communities, opportunities, policy and products, public attitudes and believes.
  • Modelling
    Scaling up the effects of afforestation on biodiversity and soil properties from plots to regional scale.

Event website

Dr Suzanne Martin of Forest Research presented a paper on:

"Landscape scale approaches to afforestation and tourism development"

Where did the event take place?

Reykholt, Western Iceland.


For further information see the event website or e-mail