Lepidoptera as indicators of biodiversity conservation

Butterfly Conservation’s 5th international symposium

8th to 10th April 2005

What was the event?

Symposium sessions included:

  • Monitoring and evaluating biodiversity and landscape change across Europe
  • Lepidoptera as indicators of other taxa
  • Maculinea butterflies as indicators of habitat management and conservation
  • Managing habitats for biodiversity – converting science into practice
  • Lepidoptera conservation in Africa and the tropics
  • Biodiversity ecology – butterfly and moth communities in the landscape.

There was also a field visit to the New Forest, an extensive area famous for its ancient woodland and heathland as well as Lepidoptera.

Event flyer (PDF-956K)

Alice Broome of Forest Research was co-author of the paper presented on:

"Shaping the community - the importance of coppice management for butterflies and moths"

Where did the event take place?

Southampton University

Event website

Full details of this symposium can be found at:


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