Matthew Wilkinson, BSc, MSc

Research Scientist

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Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Matthew Wilkinson graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture and the Environment and then obtained an MSc in Crop Production in the Changing Environment in 1996 from the University of Essex.  After a period working in agricultural research he joined Forest Research in 2001.

Current role

Research Scientist, Greenhouse gas fluxes

Matt works on a number of projects focussed on the mitigation and adaptation of forests and woodlands to climate change, he also manages the Straits eddy covariance flux site.

Current programmes

Research areas

  • Effects of climate change on trees, woodland and forests
  • Measurement and modelling of greenhouse gas and energy fluxes between the atmosphere and forests
  • Forest meteorology and microclimate
  • Changing patterns of forest phenology.

Publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters

Wilkinson, M., Eaton, E.L. and Morison, J.I.L. (2016). Variation in the date of budburst in Quercus robur and Q. petraea across a range of provenances grown in Southern England. European Journal of Forest Research doi:10.1007/s10342-016-0998-z

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Recent conference and workshop presentations

Wilkinson, M., Eaton, E.L., Benham, S.E. and Morison, J.I.L. (2016). Long-term trends in carbon dynamics and spring phenology at the Alice Holt Research Forest. 2nd ICOS Science Conference on Greenhouse Gases and Biochemical Cycles, Helsinki, 28th September 2016

Wilkinson, M., Eaton, E.L., Benham, S.E. and Morison, J.I.L. (2016). Linking forest carbon fluxes and phenology in the South Downs National Park. South Downs National Park Research Conference 2016, Midhurst, 6th July 2016.

Wilkinson, M. and Morison, J.I.L. (2012) Measuring the seasons with trees. Royal Meteorological Society Meeting, London Wetlands Centre, 26 May 2012.

Wilkinson, M., Casella, E., Crow, P. and Morison, J. (2011). Effects of management thinning on CO2 uptake by a plantation oak woodland in SE England”, CarboForest Conference, Forest Research Institute, Sekocin Stary, Poland, September 2011.

Wilkinson, M. and Morison J.L. (2010). Tree phenology at the Alice Holt Research Forest, SE England. UK-Japan Workshop on Forest and Climate Change, British Embassy, Tokyo 25th-26th August 2010.

Recent published abstract and posters

Wilkinson, M., Eaton, E.L., Pinnington, E.M. and Morison, J.I.L. (2016). Implications of altered phenology on the carbon dynamics of deciduous oak woodland. European Geosciences Union General Assesmbly, Vienna 12th-17th April 2016.

Wilkinson, M., Eaton.E., Casella, C., Crow, P., and Morison, J.I.L. (2013) .Effects of management thinning on carbon dioxide uptake by a plantation oak woodland in SE England. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 15, EGU2013-5512, 2013.

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Eaton, E., Wilkinson, M., Mizunuma, T. and Morison, J.I.L. (2010) Quantifying the role of forest phenology in CO2 fluxes. UK- Japan Workshop on Forest and Climate Change, British Embassy, Tokyo 25th-26th August 2010.

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