Matt Parratt, BSc, MSc

Research Scientist

Matt Parratt


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Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Matt trained as an agricultural seed analyst and crop inspector at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany before joining Forest Research in 1994. After working for 9 years as a Seed Scientist he began working on Seed and Seedling Biology in 2003.

During his time at Forest Research he completed a BSc in Applied Biology and Environmental Management at the North East Surrey College of Technology (2001) and an MSc in Biological Recording at the University of Birmingham (2011 – pending).

Matt also works extensively with the National Arboreta and in 2009 he represented Forest Research in Vietnam as part of ongoing collaborative work between the National Pinetum Bedgebury and The Vietnamese Centre for Plant Conservation.

Current role

Research Scientist

Providing specialist technical and practical scientific advice and research in the field and the laboratory using a diverse suite of skills ranging from plant identification to tree climbing and aerial rescue.

Current programmes

  • Seed and seedling biology - establishing and managing field and laboratory experiments; data processing and initial analysis, and knowledge transfer
  • Emerging species - including the REINFFORCE INTERREG project
  • Arboreta - providing technical support to Westonbirt National Arboretum and the National Pinetum Bedgebury.

Research areas

  • Creation of new woodlands by direct seeding
  • Seed and seedling fate
  • Conservation of rare and endangered trees and shrubs
  • Climate change and forest adaptation.

Main recent publications

Jinks, R.J., Parratt, M.J. & Gates, G. (In preparation). A Guide to the seedlings of woodland Trees and shrubs of Britain.

Kerr, G., Gosling, P., Morgan, G., Stokes, V., Cunningham, V. and Parratt, M. (2008). Seed production and seedling survival in a 50 year-old stand of Corsican pine (Pinus nigra subsp. laricio) in southern Britain. Forestry, 81 (4): 525-541. DOI:10.1093/forestry/cpn026

Parratt, M.J. (2007).  Adventures in Araucania.  British Conifer Society Journal. N°9.

Gosling, P.G., Parratt, M.J. and Peace, A.J. (1999). Identifying the optimum pretreatment duration and germination temperature for Abies nordmanniana [(Steven) Spach] seed, and assessing the effect of moisture content and storage temperature on seed longevity. Seed science and technology 1999, vol. 27, no3, pp. 951-961

Poulsen, K.M., Parratt, M.J. & Gosling, P.G. (Ed). (1998). ISTA Tropical and sub-tropical tree and shrub seed handbook. ISTA, Zurich, Switzerland.