Woodfuel chipping

Drum chipperChipping of wood is a relatively inexpensive way of producing both a combustible and flowable material that is ideally suited for burning.

Several different types of chipper are employed in the forestry industry. Buying a chipper can be a considerable investment and their characteristics, indicative outputs and costs need to be considered before the choice is made.


The three main types of chipper are disc, drum and screw. They are categorised by the device used to produce the chips:

  • Disc - Rotating knives sometimes
  • Drum - Knives mounted around drum
  • Screw -  A spinning conical screw with sharpened outer edges.

Output costs (cubic metres per hour), mantime costs and chipped output vary between the device types.

Selecting a chipper

Before deciding on the most appropriate chipper it is important to identify the range available, the markets and frequency of use, as well as the end uses for the chip produced. Chipping specification should be clearly defined so that the most appropriate model can be selected from the large range available.


What's of interest

This is a selection of the respective information in the Woodfuel Information Pack. The full pack comprises fact sheets giving more extensive information.